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Soldiers Kit available from Cobwebs Price List
Tel: 01924 368376 or Mob: 07970 611679
For Pikemen
Made up in wool provided
by Hoptonís (not 100%)
Soldier’s Jacket
Breeches (linen lined) £35.00
For Musketeers
In 100% Wool
Lining provided by Hopton’s
Soldier’s Jacket £45.00
Breeches (linen lined) £45.00
Montero £10.00
With or without collar
Calico £17.00
Measurements needed (in inches please):
Jacket: Chest. Waist. Collar. Nape of Neck to waist. Armpit to wrist.
Breeches: Waist. Waist to just below knee. Round leg for ties.
Montero: Round head just above ears.
Shirt: Collar. Chest. Armpit to wrist
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